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Teaching Our Kids to Value Life

There are a handful of essential truths of our Christian faith to pass on to my children that I would consider core critical. The Sanctity of Human Life is one of them. For some Christians, they see this issue as a distraction that takes away from the gospel message of Jesus Christ. I know of some pastors and churches that won’t even mention the topic. As a follower of Jesus and father of five children, I view the sanctity of life as an integral part of living out the gospel message of Christ. It is not a distraction to my Christian walk. Rather, being a voice for the unborn child and respecting all human life is something I must do because I am a Christian.

My children understand the biology and theology that surrounds this topic. My wife and I have done all we can to pour truth into them from both a Biblical perspective and a scientific one as well. They also realize that there are some people that would kill babies yet still call themselves Christians. While my family cannot reconcile those two ideologies together, we know that there are those that do. However, what is even more upsetting to me are the Christians who see killing unborn babies as murder yet do nothing about it. Can we say we are pro-life yet really do little to be a voice for life? As a father that desires to teach my kids to value life, I’m reminded that my greatest teaching lesson is the life I live before them.


More than ever, science continues to show us the amazing life events that take place from the onset of conception to the moments before the baby makes his or her descent through the birth canal. Without question, we know with 100% certainty that the developing intrauterine child is much more than a clump of non-meaningful cells. At conception, a new human life is created. If we acknowledge human life, how can we not do all we can to protect it – at every stage?

As we lift up our voices against a tide of culture that seeks to continue the slaying of innocent life, let us always remember to do so in the same manner as Christ did when they nailed Him to the cross. He showed them compassion, prayed for them and did everything He could to make things right. Should we do any less?

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